Marble Polishing in Dubai

Number One Building Cleaning provides industry-leading marble polishing services for residential and commercial spaces across the city of Dubai. Preserve the immaculate beauty of your property’s marble floors with regular cleaning and polishing from our experts.

We offer top-rated and affordable marble polishing in Dubai

We understand that marble floors can be an expensive investment for your property. As such, our professional cleaning staff will make sure to provide the right preventive care and maintenance it needs.

Marble is a material that tends to accumulate dirt, dust, and stain over time. It can also be susceptible to incurring cracks and scratches on its surface. Given that, you can trust our professional cleaners and polishers to handle this task with extreme care and caution.

Our marble polishing services will help you retain the spotless beauty and elegance of your marble floors for a long time. We will meticulously clean its surface and the spaces in between to remove all evidence of dust and dirt.

We use non-acidic eco-friendly cleaning agents to thoroughly clean up stains and spills without damaging the flooring’s natural composition. Our staff are equipped with top-grade waxing products and floor polishers to give the floor a long-lasting shine.

Book our flexible polishing services today!

Clients can avail our services through flexible and affordably priced service packages. You can book our cleaners on a one-time or hourly basis, or you can arrange for a regular cleaning and/or polishing schedule through a weekly, monthly, or yearly arrangement.

Our company also provides specialized cleaning and polishing services for tile and PVC floors. Regardless of the cleaning/polishing requirement you have, our team will surely rise to the occasion.

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